The safest option for recent days in London where the sun will tease us, the rain will bless us, and the wind makes its usual appearance all within the space of 24 hours is to settle with halfway there outfits. For me, a commute is always a certain part of my day and I leave my home dressed for comfort and practicality whilst still keeping it on trend, in season and appropriately transitioned for all climates. 

Every Spring and Summer culottes force their way into our wardrobes despite not being to everyone's taste; for the indisputable fact that they provide enough coverage needed for a modest attitude to embracing the good weather, yet exposing just enough skin to hail the true forecast of the season without going the extra mile. 

I adjusted the brightness on my colour palette and opted for light and airy neutrals to reflect the comfort of what I was wearing. For a quaint day walking around one of my favourite museums, I felt in my element, and as you can evidently see in these photographs, I fit in perfectly with my surroundings with an understated outfit that I know will have encouraged others to think twice before picking out a standard pair of trousers to wear from seeing how effortlessly chic culottes can actually make you look.



Whatever the circumstance, whether you're a shopaholic, whether it's not in the budget or whether you simply can't decide what outfit to put together and what colour palettes to mix; none of us are ever truly and completely satisfied with our wardrobes - we always want more, and wish we could dress better. I, for one, belong to each of those categories I have mentioned; I can't stop shopping, I'm a student with not much disposable income and it's quite typical to hear me say I have nothing to wear despite the ocean of clothes that come spilling out of my closet the second I open its doors. 

Polyvore has always been the perfect way for me to pacify my frustrations when I desperately need inspiration, but also motivates me to create outfits that I would love to wear in the future, combining not only affordable items I can access now, but gives me a much broader insight into designer brands and luxury names that can be used casually in contrast to the usual ideology that high-end designer items are for one-off, every so often, save-for-years kind of purchases. You can keep up to date with my sets and likes on my Polyvore page here. I hope my taste inspires you in some way! 



I've always been a fan of the quintessential formal looks that are associated with Britain, and the idea that classic, polished styles and structures ranging from tailored suits, trousers, dresses, and outerwear are almost uniform to our sense of fashion over the course of history. There's no better feeling than being able to combine clean cut pieces with casual, of-the-moment clothing items to establish an outfit that you can turn into something timeless; to look tidy, well formed and prepared for the city sidewalks.

What I love the most about formal-casual attire is the opportunity to allow simple and elegant garments to work hand in hand with comfort - a practice that is ideal for those who prefer the minimal-chic aesthetic, achieved by understated yet modish ensembles.
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